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“This is a marvelous young adult mystery, with a lively plot and an appealing cast of characters. The reader is given a lovely view of a beautiful country (particularly its temples) as the trio’s adventures unfold…The writing is smooth, clear, and entertaining, moving the plot along and coloring in the scenery beautifully without getting bogged down in too much explanation or detail. This is a highly entertaining read, and I look forward to the next in what will hopefully be a long and successful series.”…Read more
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Reviews from Goodreads:

“…I teach 5th grade (10-11 year old kids), and I recommended this book to my students. They absolutely loved it! I had some students that read it in one day because they were so intrigued and into the characters and the story. They commented that they loved how fast-paced it was and that it was funny, thrilling, not predictable (which is good!), and just a good all-around read.”
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