“…a young adult novel about Emily Lopez, a virtuoso cellist player and nearly 17, whose confidence has been shaken by a poor showing at a Julliard audition…Her time on the ranch is full of beautiful passages and frenzied moments, just like the concerto, but until she can learn to break free of her anxieties, she won’t be able to master the score and grab her own future by the reins. Montana in A Minor by Elaine Russell melds music, emotion, and psychological elements in an engaging coming of age story.”  Read more…

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“The author's portrayal of Emily, her world of music and the problems that bother her are tangible. The rest of the characters in the plot support and complement the character of Emily beautifully. A book that young adults will enjoy reading.”

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You know those cute, summer contemporaries? The ones that are short and sweet? That’s pretty much the entire essence of this book…I loved the plot of the story. I’m honestly a sucker for those romance books and movies that have the (typically) female protagonist out trying to rough it in the countryside…All in all, I enjoyed reading this book. It was a light contemporary, but it still had more than just fluffy romance to hold it together.”  Read more…

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“MONTANA IN A MINOR is a delightfully charming romance that will provide an appealing grace note or two to a young adult reader's day.” Read more

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