“All About Thailand is a great book written by Elaine Russell. It is about Thailand’s stories, songs, crafts, and games for kids… The pictures are very cute and colorful.” —Roshini, Age 7,

All About Thailand really is all about the country complete with some great recipes, a few fun games, and craft ideas, and I love this series.  I wish they had books like this for all of the countries of the world.  I would spend those hundreds of dollars to get these books… Also confession, I did not bother with going to the library for more books because I love this one so much.” —Adventures in Mommydom blog

“We’ve previously shared All About the Philippines with you and we were impressed with how much information can be condensed into a single book, and All About Thailand is just as full of fun and interesting facts about daily life for different children. The children and I took our time to travel through Thailand; starting before Christmas and finishing out tour in mid-January.  Why rush through an adventure; let’s enjoy it!  There’s so much contained within the 64 pages of this hard-cover book it would be crazy to attempt to digest it all at once!”
Castle View Academy

Appreciation for Thailand's heritage will quickly follow the reading of this book." —Kirkus
“Older children will love All About Thailand: Stories, Songs, Crafts and Games for Kids. It is packed with all kinds of fun learning activities about Thailand, from stories and songs to recipes and games. Kids can practice speaking a few words of Thai, learn more about elephants, or make their own shadow puppets! This is one my son really enjoys reading, and that I steal from my kids’ room to read for myself! Would also be perfect for the classroom or a home school unit.” —

"The All About Asia series is the children's version of a folklore handbook, a user-friendly encyclopedia, a DIY manual for experiencing an Asian country's culture from a youth's point of view." —