Speaking Engagement/School Visits Page:

I am available for book store events and speaking engagements, and I am always happy to talk with book groups (via Skype if you are not in the area) to discuss any of my books.

Presentation on Laos

I have a Power Point presentation on the Vietnam-era civil war in Laos and its aftermath related to writing Across the Mekong River, which I have given to high school and college classes and community organizations. This includes slides from Laos and historic pictures of the war.

School Visits for All About Thailand and Martin McMillan Books

One of the things I love about being an author is the opportunity to visit school classrooms and connect with kids.

All About Thailand is a book for 8-12 year olds that introduces children to the wonderful and exotic country of Thailand with its rich and ancient culture, history, and landscape. The book includes stories, food, games, holidays, the Thai language, music, crafts and more. It is ideal for students studying other cultures.

My presentations for Martin McMillan and the Lost Inca City, Martin McMillan and the Secret of the Ruby Elephant, and Martin McMillan and the Sacred Stones are perfect for grades fourth through seventh. I discuss the process of writing fiction and the skills that are needed.

The 35 minute-talks for all my books provides background on how I developed the book, the research involved, and the writing process using:

  • Power point slide show
  • Music and fun items from the country where the book is set
  • (Peru, Thailand, Scotland)
  • Question and answer period
  • Reading from the book
  • Signed copies available

For Martin McMillan and the Secret of the Ruby Elephant, the illustrator, Jackie Pope, is available to come with me to talk about how she developed the cover art.

Classroom visits are gratis. A $100 honorarium is suggested for Assemblies with multiple classrooms.

To schedule a visit contact Elaine at:  Elaine@elainerussell.info

What teachers and kids say:

“Thank you so much for coming to visit my class!  Your presentation was great.  The children enjoyed meeting you and hearing about your book.”
Ellen Russell, Dyer-Kelly Elementary School

“Thank you so much for coming to share you book with our classes.  We all enjoyed your presentation very much. Here are some of the things we liked:  ‘I liked the topic about a mysterious lost city that nobody knows about.’  ‘I like how you based a whole fiction book on something that really happened in history.’”
Mrs. White and the Third Graders at Starr King Elementary