Creative Child Magazine — 2017 PREFERRED CHOICE AWARD


All About Thailand takes you on an incredible journey to exotic Thailand, where a modern culture thrives in one of the world's most ancient countries. Your guides in this adventure are Mali, a 9-year-old from the countryside, and Tawan, an 11-year-old from Bangkok. Travel with them as they explore their land and share its fascinating wildlife, beautiful handcrafts, sports, games, celebrations and, of course, great Thai food! They'll give you a glimpse of what it's really like to live in Thailand and they'll show you all the things that kids in Thailand love to do. 

Along with fun facts, you'll learn about the spirit of Thailand that makes this country and its people totally unique. This a book for parent and kids to enjoy together!

“Thailand is a country rich in tradition, folklore, visual arts, music, and dance as well as culinary treats, and this volume provides access to a wealth of background material, stories, and hands-on projects and activities…Appreciation for Thailand’s heritage will quickly follow the reading of this book.”

                                                                                           -  Kirkus Reviews